Imprinted concrete

With over 12 years of experience in the field of stamped concrete pavements, both in Ireland and in Europe, our concrete imprinted company will provide you with a professional team capable of executing the most demanding stamped concrete works, adapted to the needs of each client. We welcome our customers with quality, durable solutions, so that the final result is in line with your expectations.

Imprinted concrete pavements are a technology used successfully in the design of streets, sidewalks, residential areas, shopping centers, amusement parks, terraces, parking lots, pedestrian alleys and other uses. This is a paving system that is made by printing a special layer of special concrete with the help of molds that mimic the appearance of natural stone, brick, sandstone, etc.

There are situations in which a stamped concrete pavement is subjected to heavy traffic, such as access ramps to garages, car parks and other spaces, and it resists successfully for long periods.

The design and color remain unchanged over the years because they are one and the same with concrete and are not overlapping.


The color palette for stamped concrete pavements is, as you can see, extremely varied, offering each customer the opportunity to configure the concrete to their liking. These can be combined with each other, giving unlimited possibilities in terms of the shade you want for the imprinted concrete pavement in your yard.

Imprinted concrete pavements represent the art of being unique, original, with personality! This means that you can be your own designer of the space to be arranged.


Imprinted concrete is a paving system that is made by printing a special layer of raw concrete (concrete containing elastic fibers to protect concrete from major cracks and additives to increase resistance to freeze-thaw cycles) using molds that mimic the appearance of the stone natural, brick, sandstone, granite, etc.

The average lifespan of stamped concrete pavements is over 25 years, offers protection against water and is weather resistant.

Imprinted concrete pavements are highly valued because they highlight the natural beauty of the location in which they are applied, give a rustic look but at the same time modern and refined surfaces, without color restrictions, which is a major advantage compared to the classic pavement dale. The stamped concrete pavement is robust, durable over time, winter does not slip and most importantly, you can renew the look as many times as desired by applying varnish on the work surface and including changing the color of the pavement as needed


  • the ability to choose from the multitude of textures and colors;
    suitable for any type of design, without changing shades or colors;
  • the possibility of use both indoors and outdoors, with a number of architectural accessories for finishing;
  • unlike gravel, asphalt or pavement, it does not sink and does not deform;
  • can be cleaned with stain wear (oil, oil, etc.);
  • short execution period;
  • does not grow grass between pieces;
  • it no longer moves and therefore the pieces do not break;
  • it is applied regardless of the shape, inclinations or size of the terrain;
  • it is applied on any kind of surfaces: earth, concrete, asphalt, etc .;
  • it is executed both in horizontal and vertical hoist;